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Festivals of North Cyprus

Festivals of North Cyprus

North Cyprus has many traditions and is proud of its Cypriot culture.  Every year you will find many events promoting these.

ECO DAY Festival of Büyükkonuk (Komikebir) Village

The Eco Day Festival is twice a year in May and October. This festival promotes traditional Cypriot customs, dishes and specialities.


Bellapais International Music Festival

The traditional North Cyprus Bellapais International Music Festival takes place yearly from May to June.


Famagusta Art and Culture Festival

The festival takes place from May to June.


Cyprus Theatre Festival

This is organised by the Nicosia Municipality and the event is held annually in September.


International Kyrenia, Zeytinlik, Templos Olive Festival

Girne Municipality (Kyrenia) holds this event every year in October. It is very popular celebrating the olive tree named the holy tree. It has all sorts of other traditions such as silk art and offers different Cyprus dishes and traditional folk dancing.


Güzelyurt Orange Festival

Güzelyurt Municipality organises this event yearly from June to July.


Girne Art and Culture Festival

This event is held every year in August. There are many traditional activities and concerts during the period.


Iskele Traditional Festival

Iskele Municipality runs every year during June-July.


Mehmetcik Grape Festival

Mehmetcik Municipality is organizing this event every August.


Geçitkale Hellim Festival

Geçitkale Municipality organises thischeese festival every year between August-September.  Villagers offer their delicious products made from hellim.


Tatlısu Carob Festival

Tatlısu Municipality organises this event every September.  You can taste many products produced from the carobs during the festival.


Tepebaşı Tulip (Tulipa Cypria), Lapta Festival

The Tulipa Cypria tulip is now under protection in North Cyprus.  Nature lovers organise this event in the village of Tepebaşı, Lapta every year in March.


Lefke Walnut Festival

Lefke is organising the Walnut Festival every year in June.  Villagers show off their best products of “ceviz macunu” (walnut desert) at the festival. Lefke Municipality is organising this festival yearly in November. 


Lapta Tourism Festival

Lapta is one of the popular tourism destinations in North Cyprus. The municipality is organises this tourism festival yearly in June. Many activities and food and entertainment can be found during the festival.


Bellapais Silk Cocoon Festival

This is held every year inMayand takes place in Bellapais where yıu can also visit the famous Gothic.  In May villagers exhibit their handicrafts made by silk cocoon.

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